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Concussion Management Protocol

Management of Sports Related Concussion

Baseline Testing

All athletes are required to take a baseline test using ImPACT.

  • Baseline tests will be taken each academic year prior to the athlete participating in a sport.
  • Baseline tests will be given under the supervision of the athletic trainer or designated proctor.

Sideline Assessment

When a head injury is suspected, the athlete will immediately be removed from competition to be thoroughly examined

  • Examination will consist of symptom checklist, Standardized Assessment of Concussions (SAC) card and assessment of sensation and coordination.
  • Athlete will not be allowed to return to play without complete resolution of symptoms within 15 minutes, completion and passing of SAC card (score >25), normal sensation/coordination and clearance by physician (when available) or designated health care provider.
  • If athlete does not meet return to play criteria they will be removed for remainder of contest and they will be monitored for deterioration of condition.
    •  If condition worsens, activate EMS immediately
  • If an athlete is suspected of sustaining a concussion their parent/guardians will be notified and instructions for care will be given.

Initial Management

  • An M.D. or D.O must evaluate any athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion.
  • Athletes who took baseline ImPACT test should be given post-injury test within 72 hours of injury.
    • Follow up tests will be given in weekly intervals until scores return to baseline.
  • Any athlete who has sustained a concussion may not participate in athletic activity until they meet return to play criteria.

Return to Play

Before an athlete is allowed to return to athletic activity, they must meet all return to play criteria

  • Written clearance to return to activity by an M.D. or D.O.
  • Resolution of all symptoms
  • Return to full academic load
  • Return to baseline using ImPACT (where baseline is available)
  • Pass each stage of return to play progression without return of symptoms

Return to Play Progression

Once athlete has met return to play criteria they may begin return to play progression.  Athlete may only complete 1 stage each day.  Athlete must complete each stage symptom-free to progress to the next stage.  If at any time symptoms return the athlete is to be re-examined and rest until symptoms resolve before beginning progression again.

  1. Controlled exercise (jogging, stationary bike, etc.)
  2. Sport specific drills (Pass patterns, stick-work, etc.)
  3. Practice with no physical contact
  4. Return to practice with no restrictions
  5. Return to gameplay with no restrictions